Antonio Valencia makes his 200th Manchester United appearance

Antonio Valencia became an official player for Manchester United back on June of 2009 as the Ecuadorian performer completed his move from and ever since then, Valencia has been making consistent appearances for the Premier League club, the experienced player has now reached a personal landmark as Valencia made his 200th appearance for the English club during Manchester United’s league match against Middlesbrough which was played on March 19 at the Riverside Stadium.

Jose Mourinho and his squad have been heavily critiqued in recent times; one of the reasons of this is due to the fact that for the majority of the season, the Portuguese manager has not been able to get past the 6th spot in the Premier League and winning the highly coveted English piece of silverware of the current season is close to impossible.

Despite all of the criticism that is being targeted towards Jose Mourinho and to his squad, one of the few performers that has actually received praised along with ZlatanIbrahimovic is Antonio Valencia and this is due to their impressive string of performances.

Antonio Valencia recently even had his contract extended until June of 2018 and the 31 year old Ecuadorian voiced his appreciation as he said: “I feel that the manager really believes in me.

“I’ve played in many games and I have been free of serious injuries. I spoke with the manager soon after he arrived. He told me that when he was at Real Madrid he wanted to sign me but United had said no. That conversation gave me a lot of confidence and I have been happy to play right-back rather than further forward, where I’ve played for most of my career. I feel very comfortable, but in a team like United you have to attack anyway from right-back’’