Antonio Valencia doesn’t think that Manchester United has no chance whatsoever of retaining their Premier League title this season.

United finally secured a win this year when they beat the Swans at Old Trafford last weekend.

Valencia was one of the stand-out performers for his team in that match. It was him who had found the net early in the second half to give United the lead. Later on, Welbeck scored a goal too and the final score line was 2-0 in the favour of the Red Devils.

Currently, United is 6 points away from the 4th positioned team in the league points table and that’s a big difference. To break into that top 4, the defending champions need regular wins.

Many pundits reckon that it’s close to impossible for United to win the league from this stage, but, according to Valencia, his team has got what it takes to pull off that miracle.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, the 28 years old winger said, “We can still end up winning a few titles including the league, but, it’s very important for us to secure 3 points against Chelsea. If we beat them at their home ground, it would get us going.”

When asked about Moyes being criticized for United’s deterioration this season, Valencia said, “It’s not fair. You’ve got to give the new manager some time. David is experienced enough and I have no doubt that he will have success here at United.”

United’s next match is against the mighty Blues who have been in terrific touch and to get better of them, the Red Devils will have to raise the standard of their game.

United and Chelsea had shared points when they had faced each other last time around.