Valencia believes in Mourinho

Manchester United captain Antonio Valencia still believes in Jose Mourinho and said that he is the right man for the job. He said that the Portuguese manager has the necessary experience to turn things around and he is sure that the team will finish in the top four at the end of the season.

He said that there are many fans that are frustrated by the current situation but he is sure that their fortunes will change very soon.

He said that there have been some games where they have failed to perform and it is understandable why some pundits have been targeting the manager. He said that it is not the fault of the manager if the players do not put in enough effort as they are the ones on the pitch.

He believes that it is the players that should take the responsibility and make sure that they fight on the pitch. He said that Jose Mourinho has always been a good manager and he is sure that he is the right man to bring the club forward.

Antonio Valencia said that the club has lacked stability ever since Sir Alex Ferguson has retired and that it is not good if they keep changing manager. He said that Jose Mourinho has a clear plan on how he wants to run the club and he believes that they should be giving him some time to make changes.

He said that at the moment they should focus on the upcoming games and make sure that they win as many points as possible. He said that they are not far off from the fourth place and they should make sure that they get in touch again with the top four. He said that the fans should remain behind the team and provide the necessary support.

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